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Last Updated: 8/6/12
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:: Content Updates & News
Summer 2012: Home and Garden will be engaging in a VERY RARE mini-tour this August with Brooklyn band No Grave Like The Sea (featuring our own Tony Maimone)and Mekon/Waco Brother/punk-artist extraordinaire Jon Langford. The dates are as follows:

Thurs. Aug. 16/Chicago-The Hideout
Fri. Aug. 17/Suburban Detroit-The Berkley Front
Sat. Aug. 18/Cleveland-The Beachland Ballroom

H&G does not venture outside of CLE very often, so if you live in these announced areas and want to experience the H&G live experience, this is your chance.

The band for the tour will be: Tom Herman, Scott Krauss, Tony Maimone, Robert Wheeler, Keith Kornajcik, and Angel Mendoza. The set will include songs from H&G, Tom Herman/Tripod Jimmie, and some Pere Ubu material.

Also, keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming H&G/Tom Herman split single in the very near future!

In the meantime, hit our MySpace Page to sample some of our new songs. We've also started a Facebook Group - so please join our circle of friends!

- H&G HQ

:: Live Shows
** See the above update for information on the upcoming mini-tour!! **
:: History and Geography - First Time on CD! Remastered!

Also available from these fine e-tailers:
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Europe and the UK: Rough Trade Shops

"Imagine literate. Imagine beautiful. Imagine real goddamn good."
- Byron Coley, Matter magazine April/May 1985

"A delicious blend of sound and innovation."
- Joe Viglione, Allmusic Guide

"It's amazing how something as potent as Home and Garden
disappeared under the radar."

- Mike Barnes, The Wire magazine, 2006
Remastered by Paul Hamann at Suma in Painesville, Ohio.
Remixed by Ryan Weitzel and Scott Krauss at Exit Stencil Studios
The Band is Scott Krauss, Jim Jones, Tony Maimone and Jeff Morrison

History and Geography is available from the following distributors:
[ Revolver | Lumberjack | Carrot Top | Morphius | Baked Goods(UK) ]
[ Fontana North(Canada) ]
Independent Record Stores are the life-blood of Independent Music. If you are a store (or know of one in your area) that is carrying "History and Geography," please forward your information and we will post it in this space.
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