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Last Updated: 8/6/12
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Friends and Allies

  • Exit Stencil Recordings - Exit Stencil Recordings' Official Website
  • Book of Knots - The Official Myspace of "Book of Knots", one of Tony Maimone's Projects
  • Knife and Fork - The Official Website of "Knife and Fork", Former Ubu Member Eric Drew Feldman's Latest Project
  • Chris Cutler - Former Ubu Drummer Chris Cutler's Official Website
  • The Numbers Band - The Numbers Band's Official Site
  • Mike DeCapite - Our Friend(and liner notes author) Mike DeCapite's Website
  • Fortune Drums - Cleveland-Based Drum Maker. Scott Has a Custom Set of These
  • Studio G Brooklyn - Brooklyn, NY Recording Studio Run By Tony Maimone and Joel Hamilton


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