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Last Updated: 8/6/12
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:: Home and Garden - Audio
Here we share with you, the visitor, Audio from the H&G archives. Feel free to download and save whatever it is we share here. Keep checking back, as we will be updating this section often.
Here are a 3 tracks from our recent show @ Union Pool in Brooklyn, NY. (The band is Joel Hamilton, Tony Maimone, Scott Krauss, Ryan Weitzel, Keith Kornajcik)

[ Heart of Darkness | Holiday | Prairie Sailors ]
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Recorded live @ Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland, August 2006. (The band is Scott Krauss, Keith Kornajcik, Robert Wheeler, Michael Hronek, and Miss Melvis)

[ Citizen Kane Soundtrack ]
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Here are a few tracks from our recent show w/ The Red Krayola at the Parish Hall in Cleveland. (The band is Tony Maimone, Scott Krauss, Ryan Weitzel, Keith Kornajcik)

[ Monkey Town | Laughing | Bells of Ever and Never ]
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Here's an excerpt from our Ingenuity Fest '06 performance. (The band is Miss Melvis, Scott Krauss, Ryan Weitzel, Lonn Schubert, Keith Kornajcik)

[ Ingenuity Suite (excerpt) ]
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We apologize for the fidelity on these recordings. It isn't bad, but distortion creeps in from time to time. The digital recorder didn't kick in. The recordings were taken from a video camera microphone.

Recorded at Beachland Ballroom Apr. 20, 2006.

[ Fix My Horn | Monkey Town ]
[ Birthday | Bells of Ever and Never ]
[ King John ]
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The band is Tom Herman, Keith Kornajcik, Scott Krauss, Tony Maimone, Jeff Morrison, Ryan Weitzel, Robert Wheeler


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These tracks originally appeared on the Cleveland..So Much To Answer For compilation published by CLE Magazine, in 1996

[ Drain | Rack ]
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Here we have various live tracks. Two from Old Home Night '05 and one from a recent gig at the Miller Weitzel Gallery

[ Big Winter - Live | Birthday - Live ]
[ Life Stinks - Live ]

(The band is Keith Kornajcik, Scott Krauss, Tony Maimone, Ryan Weitzel, Robert Wheeler; w/ Tom Herman on "Life Stinks")

Visit our Myspace, as well as Nadir Novelties, to listen to and download more!

Cinderella Backstreet - Live, 1973

For the cognoscenti, from ground-zero of Cleveland Underground Rock, a live recording of legendary CLE band Cinderella Backstreet.

[ Heroin - Live ]

Featuring Peter Laughner, Scott Krauss, Albert Dennis, Rick Kallister and Cindy Black.

All Songs Written by and © Home and Garden, except "Life Stinks" by Peter Laughner(Bug Music), "Heart of Darkness" & "Laughing" by Pere Ubu(Bug music) and "Heroin" by Lou Reed(Lou Reed Music)
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