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Last Updated: 8/6/12
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  1. Hideout [x]
  2. Marco Polo: The Desert [x]
  3. You Are Here [x]
  4. From the Life of King John(remix)
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1.) Hideout

December is the darkest month.
The snow falls over the long nights.
The wind sails in the Northern Lights.

Remember, please, to feed the birds.
(And put straw down for the dogs)

The time is up.
The clock as stopped.
The edge is up.
The end is over the top top top.

The heat is on
and the flies are out.

The poison doesn't work
but I am fighting everyday.

Watch out.

Words © Jeff Morrison

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2.) Marco Polo: The Desert
This is the history of the world
Forty days with an ear for a good price
Forty nights by flames the color of ice

There is no trace of our tracks in the sand
There is heavy traffic in the sky
All good things are phantoms in our hands

Among us the tigers, the snakes
Our good books and our gold passports guide us
Toward Chou Men Fu, Kublai Khan's mobile palace

There is no trace of our tracks in the sand

Words © Jeff Morrison

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3.) You Are Here
You are here
This is the rear entrance
You are here
Directly to your left
(Marked by the exits)
Are the exits
You are here

The main gates will return you to the balcony
View the menu selection
Inverted dialogues, extraneous geodes
The microfilm is below
You are here

Follow the red arrows along the handrails
Second floor:
Periodicals, dog treats, assorted landfill
Third floor:
Bottled infants, chinese headdress

This is the southwest entrance
You are here

Follow the yellow path to the observation deck
Your position is indicated by the small black dot
Note: classification, mediation, serious retrieval

Fourth floor:
Random access to all areas
Proceed along the blue walkway

This way to computer assisted destruction
...This way to the lobby

These are the temperate zones
These are the terrible zones
You are here

This way to the lobby
Marked by exits
You are here

Words © Kristan Ban-Tepper

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