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Last Updated: 8/6/12
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History and Geography

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  1. Marco Polo: The Voyage [x]
  2. Marco Polo: The City of Kin Sai [x]
  3. Holiday [x]
  4. Monkey Town [x]
  5. Big Winter [x]
  6. King Penguin [x]
  7. The Bells of Ever and Never [x]
  8. From the Life of King John [x]
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1.) Marco Polo: The Voyage
What can I tell you
of the ambergris that comes
from the belly of the whale,
of the shrunken people
of Sumatra.

A man that navigates
the seas
is a desperate man.
No sailor, no drunkard
shall bear witness.
What man can tell
the truth about
all the lands of India.

A great man leaves
this world
and he takes it
with him.
This was my home,
this gold, these islands;
and I am stranger.

The water is deep.
The ocean is wide.
I just wanted to see
what was on the other side
where I'm a stranger.

Words © Jeff Morrison

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2.) Marco Polo: The City of Kin Sai
We will protect
and feed the people.
Here are the shambles
where the kids
and the lambs are slaughtered.
Here runs the filth
that fattens the fish.

I am a man of delicate habits.
I am a man
that knows the value of paper.
I am the contortionist
in the market place.

There is a roar
to the Yangtze River
that no one hears
on the Imperial Boulevard.
I watch for fire.
I keep the time.
I keep the fire.
I watch the time.

Words © Jeff Morrison

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3.) Holiday
I flew a serpent kite
that made an alphabet
in the sky.
I floated a paper crane
across the river
in the rain.
I walked a mile
in a hurricane
to milk a cow.
I went to
where in China
you were born.
I practiced the arts
of cat comfort.
I had the work
of a spider to do.
I wore red ribbons
and new black shoes.
I made some new friends
at the post office.
I treated my old friends
like bad teeth.
I had a dream
that floated to the surface
like a dead fish.
I shivered in cold blood
at the dead end.
I woke up
to pick red hot tomatoes
in the sun.

Words © Jeff Morrison

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4.) Monkey Town
O, it's a man's world
in a roving band
thru Monkey Town,
among the rocks
along the sandy roads.

This morning,
on Police Rock,
all afternoon in the trees,
green leaves and acacia beans,
cactus fruit and flowers.

Well it pleases Monkey
to bow down to old Monkey
with his back
to the wind
in the rain.

At night,
to entertain the troops,
he rolls his eyes,
he smacks his lips,
he pumps his cheeks,
he grunts, he chatters
until he's got you
by the ankles.

Well, Monkey makes a Monkey
of Monkey yeah.

Words © Jeff Morrison

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5.) Big Winter
Watch for the wolves
when they come out
of the woods,
like a child stealer
of a carefree child.

Listen to the roof moan,
with the weight of the snow,
like the burden of time
on a working man's back.

Supplies drop from the sky.
It feels like the old man
is going to die this time.

A man forgets a legend
when he can,
unless he hears Big Winter
in the forest.
He walks alone,
confused by the shadows.
The wind conceals
suspicious tracks.

Words © Jeff Morrison

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6.) King Penguin
We are lost in the clouds.
We are lost in the valleys
of snow.
This is what I saw,
shoulder to shoulder,
kings with kings
colonial penguins
at Royal Bay.

I heard trumpets
in the gray sky.
I heard barking
in the mud.
Look at the seal
in his wallow.
This is a march
to the sea.

King Penguin goes down
in the dive.
He's a bold submariner
on a well-dressed ride.
There's plenty of krill
to keep a family alive;
Squid for the kill
on the deeper side.

I know it's cold
but ain't you hungry.
I've had enough
King Penguin

Words © Jeff Morrison

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7.) The Bells of Ever and Never
There is no God in heaven
but the Queen of the sky,
the devil's bride
who waits in patient waiting,
turning the tables
on the sons of the house,
carving the candles
for the feast of the longest night.

We are dancing
back to back.
Our memories are lost
in the stars.
The way is crowded
from here to another world.

One day I will raise my castle
outside the walls
of Holy Toledo,
where the tongue
of the Empire
would have our teeth drawn
one by one.
Men who will never marry
have blood thinner
than water.
Spinsters and stepmothers
attend the public dissections.
Troops of demons munching toads
patrol the streets.
Honor is not ours to keep.

Stakes and stones,
the Hangman sets
my broken bones.
The rent collector
with his locks and keys,
knows nothing of Anatomy
and Chemistry.

Sleepwalkers and daydreamers
race by barefoot,
in green coats and red crosses,
tolling the bells
of Ever and Never.

Words © Jeff Morrison

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8.) From the Life of King John
I am promised
a perpetual day,
a crown of gold
and peacock feathers.
But I have less
than the bastards
of King Henry.

An iceberg shines
in the silver fog.
A fool goes down
in the whirlpool.
A poisonous footstep
dies in the dust.

We trampled the meadow
of miracles.
We gambled silver pennies
by the barrel full.
We brought down the house
until we met guerillas
in the hills.

At the feet of God
we dance upon the sand.
By the teeth of God
I am the King of Ireland.

Words © Jeff Morrison

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